Be Prepared, Ready & Resilient


They say that people who are prepared in advance for adversity or disaster fair a lot better psychologically and physically then those who are not ready and prepared.

Do you remember January 17, 1994 – the Northridge earthquake? What were you doing at the time the earthquake struck? Did you have a flashlight nearby? Did your emergency lights go on? Did you have a ready supply of food, water and first-aid supplies? Did you have an emergency generator you could turn to for temporary power and light?  If you were like most of Southern Californians you were not prepared for the violent shaking and destruction as well as the psychological aftermath.

But what’s your excuse now? How many of you are really prepared for the next natural disaster…Did we learn our lessons or are we still in denial?

Please take some time to sit down with your family and develop a disaster plan. You can get all the information and resources you need to create a  plan to fit your individual and family needs from an excellent site sponsored by FEMA and the Federal Government — Please click on this site Ready Gov. It will help you to get started with the process so you can be Prepared, Ready and Resilient!

Go to WWW.Ready.Gov

In the aftermath of the Northridge Earthquake I had an opportunity to discuss the psychological impact of the quake on Southern California with Katie Couric of the Today Show.




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