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Dr. Scott Supports Hope for Firefighters Fundraiser 2012

On June 7th 2012, Dr. Scott along with firefighters from twenty-five Los Angeles Fire Department fire stations gathered in Downtown Los Angeles to participate in a culinary competition and serve delicious food to thousands of citizens and business people as part of the Hope for Firefighters Fundraiser. Established in 1998, this annual event benefits the […]

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Dr. Scott in The Media — Follow his Experiences on his YouTube Channel

Through out his career Dr. Scott has spent a great deal of time working with Print and Television Media to educate the public on key issues related to preparing for and coping with disasters and adversity.  Recently Dr. Scott put together a collection of  his Television news clips on YouTube.  Please feel free to view […]

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Case Study of Couple with Double Exposure to Trauma

Does Lighting Strike Twice in the Same Place? Dr. Scott treatment approach is featured in this TV Docu-Drama from the TV Series “Things that Go Bump” Dr. Robert Scott has the opportunity to bring you into his Therapy office to witness his treatment of double trauma survivors. First his client’s home was nearly demolished in […]

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9/11 Anniversary — Reporter Phil Shuman Fox News 11 Interviews Dr. Robert Scott

We are coming up to the 10-Year anniversary of 9/11 next month.  I had the opportunity to talk with Fox News 11 a few years back on the 3rd Anniversary of 9/11.  Many of you have asked how it affected me and what it was like to be there.  This short news segment gave me […]

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Be Prepared, Ready & Resilient

BE PREPARED, READY AND RESILIENT They say that people who are prepared in advance for adversity or disaster fair a lot better psychologically and physically then those who are not ready and prepared. Do you remember January 17, 1994 – the Northridge earthquake? What were you doing at the time the earthquake struck? Did you […]

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How Private is Therapy?

Though laws may vary slightly from State to State, the law protects and safeguards the confidentiality of communications between a patient and a therapist just like a physician and a patient. There are exceptions to this rule of confidentiality — a few of those exceptions are listed below: Suspected or observed abuse of a child […]

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Do You Accept Insurance?

I work with most major health insurance carriers.  While as a client you will always be ultimately responsible for the costs of your psychotherapy treatment, I do accept most insurance plans as partial payment for your treatment.  Usually most plans require members to pay a portion or co-pay of their psychotherapy costs.  Currently I am […]

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What is Therapy Like?

Psychotherapy is not easily described in general statements. It varies depending on the personalities of the psychologist and client, and the particular problems clients are experiencing. There are many different methods therapists use to address the problems client’s present. Psychotherapy is not like a medical doctor visit. Instead, it calls for a very active effort […]

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